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A lambda calculus interpeter

Download this project as a tar.gz file

LCI is an interpreter for the lambda calculus. It supports many advanced features such as recursion, user-defined operators and multiple evaluation strategies, all based on the pure calculus. It is free software licenced under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).


From source

The latest version (v0.6) is available here. To install extract the archive, cd to that directory and run:

sudo make install

It is recommended to install the readline library (and development files) before compiling. On ubuntu/debian install the libreadline-dev package. Check the output of ./configure to see if you have it.

You can also checkout the code from github. In this case you need to install autotools and run ./bootstrap.

Using Homebrew on OSX

Install Homebrew and run brew install lci.

Binaries for Windows

Windows binaries are available here. Simply extract and run the lci executable.


LCI’s documentation covers most of the program’s features and explains various topics concerning the lambda-calculus